Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Listicle - Thanks

Today's mid-day cocktail is a nice, refreshing bottle of water. Because it's in the middle of the workday, and I really shouldn't be drinking on the job, tempting though the idea sometimes is. Granted, I shouldn't be blogging either, but this will be quick.

Really, it's water!
I'm writing this post to join a "link party" (which is actually NOTHING like a key party - who knew?) hosted by The Northwest Mommy called "Monday Listicles." Each week, there's a new theme, you write a post on that theme and link it to the party, everyone reads each other's posts, hilarity ensues.

This week's theme is "Thanks," so here's a list of things for which I am currently thankful.

1.  My kids, Tink & Tweak. They're awesome.

2.  My boyfriend McDreamy. He's handsome, witty, supportive, can fix things, laughs at my jokes, and loves my cat. The fact that he's stationed across the country is a minor problem, but he's worth it.

3.  Magnus the cat. He keeps me sane.  Union rules require that having mentioned him, I include a picture of the cat at this point. Bonus view of McDreamy. See why I'm thankful?

4.  My awesome circle of friends.

5.  Good health.

6.  Employment.

7.  The fact that my landlady is letting me pay under-market rent for a great, well-maintained house.

8.  Weekends when Tink & Tweak are with their dad, and I get a little time to myself. Yesterday I went to Bed Bath & Beyond all by myself. It was epic.

9.  Phineas & Ferb, because before that every program my kids ever wanted to watch made me bleed from my eyeballs.

10.  Vodka. It goes with everything. Including more vodka.


  1. When I first separated from my husband, my first husband of long ago, I dreaded weekends without my son. But then, I decided as they were a fact of life, I would savor them. And you're right, running silly little errands is so relaxing!

    To this day, even though I'm remarried and much older--said son is 25--I love those little trips, and I cut slack to moms shopping with their kids.

  2. I've found it's nice to miss them sometimes - the reunions are awesome.

  3. terrific list and have you tried vodka with raspberry lemonade? Yummy.

  4. I miss vodka... and beer...and wine. Pregnancy does suck sometimes!

  5. Robbie, you had me at vodka. :)

    Jackie, on the upside your first postpartum drink will be AWESOME.

  6. Now that is a whole lotta goodness in one list. I like you already!!

  7. I have a ginormous crush on Ferb. What? He's not real, so it can't be illegal.

    1. Well, what's not to like? He's quiet and insightful, he's deep, he can fix or build anything, and he plays a mean electric guitar. Plus, the British accent.


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