Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's OK Thursday - August 9th

Two fellow bloggers at Brunch with Amber and A Complete Waste of Makeup have a weekly link-up called "It's OK Thursday." I like the idea of having a day dedicated to recognizing the things that are OK. We all beat ourselves up so much, and sometimes we just need to step back and love who and where we are, even if it's not perfect.

First of all, though, I have a picture of tonight's cocktail, warmed sake, served in Chinese tea cups because I don't have a proper sake set yet. I like to have sake when the kids are with their dad and I can get takeout sushi for dinner. It makes me feel sophisticated, even if my knowledge of sake is so poor that I might be unwittingly buying the Night Train of sake. That's OK.

Here are other things that are OK.
  • It's OK that Tweak hasn't touched the folder of summer worksheets his teacher sent home in June. He's eight. Eight year-olds should not be doing homework during the summers. They should be catching fireflies and running through the sprinkler and burying themselves in beach sand and having shaving cream fights at camp and reading books that interest them. All of which he has been doing, on top of keeping a journal (his idea) and managing a fantasy baseball team. Suck it, Worksheet Nazis.
  • It's OK that Gabrielle Douglas "only" won two Olympic gold medals. She still rocks. I would be in a wheelchair if I tried to do 10% of one of her workouts.
  • It's OK that my house is disorganized.
  • It's OK that Tink is already obsessed with boy bands (One Direction in particular). It's like the Elmo phase - it'll be over soon enough. At least they're not REAL boys. Yet. Deep breaths.
  • It's OK that Tweak doesn't like me to use terms of endearment like "sweetpea" and "Boo" in public anymore. Being able to embarrass him gives me more collateral for good behavior. I look forward to doing the Funky Chicken in front of his middle school one day when he gives me too much attitude.
  • It's OK that the scarf I've been knitting for 2 years still isn't finished. I blame the cat - he attacks the yarn.
  • It's OK that tomorrow would have been my 15th wedding anniversary, and I don't know how that makes me feel.
  • It's OK that I don't have my life figured out yet, even if I'm 40. I've had an interesting ride so far, and overall I'm happy with my lot (usually).
What's OK for you this week?

For those in need of snark, please go over to Throat-Punch Thursday on The Truth About Motherhood. I wish it was a link-up, because I can always dime out someone in need of a throat-punch. She deals them out well, though.

Its Ok Thursdays


  1. Visiting from Neely's!

    Yes, it is okay that she only won 2 medals! Between the media discussing this and her hair, I think I'd like to throat punch them! That girl is adorable and talented!

  2. Welcome! Bless your heart! :)

    Seriously, I couldn't believe that people were worked up about her hair. You know whose hair they didn't comment upon at all? Anybody else's! Meanwhile, she could probably armwrestle us all to the ground and never break a sweat. More power to her!

  3. Dear sweet girl. It is a link up but no one ever links up so sometimes I forget to put the linky on.It is a link up today and will be from now on:) Link up girl. It will be open all week! Can't wait to read:)

  4. Ah, Truthful Mommy, I have linked up, though I'm not currently in throat-punch mode for any noble reason, but rather because my ex husband has pissed me off. Hopefully that's still OK. I do have a lot of ire most weeks for people who we would both agree richly deserve a good throat-punch. I will start keeping an annotated list.

  5. I guess the side effect of non-stop Olympic coverage is the media's need to fill a ton of time, but it's sad how they've destroyed her. I love me some Flying Squirrel.

    I totally relate to the anniversary comment though... mine is coming up... September 3... and, there really aren't words for the feeling. I don't even know if I can identify it.

    But I empathize.

    It's okay. :)


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