Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Visiting McDreamy

Tonight's cocktail is a glass of reasonably good, reasonably priced sauvignon blanc. I'm in a low-effort mode right now, and also am needing to trim down a little from a few months of over-exploring the land of delicious cocktails. Even if it's all in the interest of research, apparently the calories still count. Stupid calories.

August is always a crazy month in the Middletini household. Our school district doesn't let out for summer until late June. July is all one camp, then my ex and I divvy up vacation time with the kids, filling in the blanks with other camps. By the end of August, we're all hanging on by our fingernails, because school doesn't start back until after Labor Day, but all the college kids have gone, which means no camps.

I used my time to take the kids to San Diego to visit McDreamy in his new home. We had a wonderful time, as it's kid paradise: beach, Legoland, zoo, Sea World, great weather, etc. One of the best parts was getting to spend a little time with McDreamy's kids, who are about the same age/gender spread as Tink & Tweak. They're extremely sweet, and the girls really hit it off well.

So did the boys, but they weren't much for hugging. McDreamy took a cute picture of them playing Wii tennis, and now we can't find it. Take my word for it. Cuteness.

Here are a few highlights of our outings. And look! I learned how to embed a slideshow!

It was a great trip. I'm glad I got a visual on McDreamy's new place - it makes me feel closer to him when I can picture his surroundings. On the way to the airport, Tweak and Tink were already asking when we could go back. I had a hard time leaving but managed to keep it together. Barely.

I'm not going to lie. I hate being so far from McDreamy. I miss him like crazy. Thank goodness for modern technology - without chat, Skype, e-mail, text, and cellphones, I would be a sad puppy.

I've noticed that because we can communicate closely most of the time, we are more present for each other than I thought, if we put in the effort. We exchange texts and e-mails on the fly about snippets of our days, crack jokes, snap pictures of interesting things we see, give each other advice, vent about frustrations, and share little moments of win, like when I manage to lose my keys only once in a day. Thanks to the miracle of Skype, we can even see each other every day. Though it's not as good as being together in person, I do feel like McDreamy is with me, and I try to make him feel my presence in his life, too.

The best thing to come out of Estonia in the history of ever. Thank you, Estonian genius guys who made Skype.
The interesting thing is, it's frighteningly easy to live in the same house with someone and not feel that they are present in your life in the ways that matter. It happens despite good intentions, often very incrementally and subtly, without either party realizing it's happening. Neither of us ever wants to go through that again, so we work to be there for each other even when we're so far apart.

The trip had only one downside: the universal truth that vacationing with kids is not so very conducive to romance, which wouldn't be so bad if we had more time to spend together generally. In a few weeks, we're getting together again, without kids. Woohoo!

Going my way, Sailor?

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