Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick Frankenstorm Update

Here in my part of the NoVa, we still have power. Tonight's celebratory cocktail is an impromptu Hurricane. I didn't have grapefruit juice or pineapple juice or grenadine, so it's 3 oz of the leftover Captain Morgan's from when McDreamy moved west, 3 oz V-8 Orange/Peach/Mango juice cocktail, 1/2 oz amaretto, 1/2 oz triple sec, shaken with ice and served on the rocks. It could do with a squeeze of lemon or lime juice. Grapefruit would definitely work, too.

The pot? That's to catch the drips from the leak in my ceiling. This is why I'm drinking.
Today, for my Mother of the Year nomination, I'll note that I was certain the power would be out by late morning or early afternoon. So I let the kids watch TV or play video games much of the day, while I sat at my laptop and clutched the internet about me, surfing for grownup connection in anticipation of the end of days. And working, though not as much as might have been ideal. Anyway, the power is still on. Go figure. On the upside, we have flashlights, batteries, non-perishable foods, a camp stove, fuel, toilet paper, and, most importantly, booze. This is probably why the power is still on.

Meanwhile, the slow drip from my ceiling has become a fast drip. The TV is still on. The cat is looking at me judgmentally. Sigh. I'm sure tomorrow will be my penance. Stay safe and dry, people.

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