Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Give Me Your Hands - A Giveaway!!

Hey, who else thinks winter sucks balls? The polar vortex is back, and on this eleventy billionth day my kids are off from school due to snow, I'm down to drinking scotch (Johnny Walter Black, in this case) neat, because it keeps my blood flowing, like antifreeze.

As a southerner who came to the mid-Atlantic by way of four years in California, I must be a special kind of stupid to have settled down here. I know, this is nothing compared to what people live with farther north, but it would kill me if I lived there, so you wouldn't have to hear me whine for very long. When we had the 36-inch Snowmageddon storm in 2010, I was like this:

In addition to the bone-chilling cold and having to shovel snow, the thing I hate most about winter is that it turns my skin into a dry, desiccated husk, especially my hands and feet. By the end of the season, I'm like this:

crypt keeper photo: crypt keeper Crypt_Keeper.jpg

When I was a kid, my mother would lovingly tuck little tubes of scented lotion into my backpack, which I threw away because, (a) I now realize I was an ungrateful snot, and (b) I hated the strong smell and the greasy film they left on my hands. Since then, I have tried lots of different products, from hemp cream to shea butter to something they use on cows' udders, some better than others, but none that (a) lasts for more than one hand washing, and (b) doesn't leave an oily sheen on my skin. I have enough trouble dropping and breaking things without lubing up my hands for good measure. And my feet ... almost unspeakable. During my first pedicure of spring, I learn all the Vietnamese words for "disgusting."

So, when I learned that my college friend Nethea had gone and invented products to address all these problems, I had to try them. Her company is called ReallyWorks Beauty Solutions, and the first products she has introduced are Rehab for Hands and Rehab for Feet. They really do, honest to God, work. If I had been smart, I would have taken before and after pictures, but a real bona fide beauty blogger - Dionne from Glittery Fingers and Sparkling Toes - did, and you can see the results. Usually in the winter, my hands crack and bleed, and they've been fine. Usually my heels have taken on the properties of Velcro by this point, and they're smooth. And no grease! It soaks right in and works all day. I will always have a tube of each product in my house from now on.

A note on price: I'm not one to spend money on products unless they really rock my world. The Rehab lotions are worth every penny, and they last for a long time, even with 2-3 applications daily. My first tubes lasted 4 months, which works out to about 17 cents per application.

If you try them, I think you'll love them. That's why I'm offering a giveaway of one tube each of Rehab for Hands (2.5 oz) and Rehab for Feet (4 oz) - a $42 value - to get your skin rehydrated in preparation for spring. Entry is easy, you can enter every day, and the more options you do, the more chances you have to win! I'll pick a winner via random drawing on Tuesday, March 11th.

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Final note! I did not receive any monetary payment for writing this post. I did get free products to review and give away. The opinions in this post are, as always, purely my own.


  1. Hi! I'm Dionne, from Glittery Fingers & Sparking Toes, the "another blogger". It's nice to meet you. I just wanted to make sure my blog's name was attached to the link. Thanks so much!!

    1. Ack, sorry! Bad etiquette on my part - my brain has been muddled by too many snow days. Fixing the link now! XOXO!

    2. LOL! Thank you so much for doing that! I really appreciate it. And I get it, personally I'm rebelling against winter!


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