About Kathleen

Kathleen Gordon is a lawyer with a dirty mind who uses inappropriate humor as a defense mechanism. She’s also a single mom of two children, Tweak (13) and Tink (11). She writes about navigating her 40s while attempting not to lose her damn mind. Each post opens with a suggested cocktail, because she'd pour you a real one if she could. Kathleen likes to write about the things people think to themselves but have the common sense not to say out loud. Not content to overshare on the Internet, she is writing a novel in her abundant spare time.

You can find Kathleen's writing at The Huffington Post, Mamapedia, MockMom.com, and in the anthology Surviving Mental Illness Through Humor. Kathleen has also brought shame upon her family by starring in the award-winning Listen to Your Mother show.

You can e-mail Kathleen at kathleenelise72 (at) gmail dot com.

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